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Anti-epidemic products | Facial spray | Woop 

The blogger unpacks the Woop anti-epidemic product facial spray after use

A group of Bloggers and KOLs are the first to use Woop anti-epidemic product antibacterial facial spray for a day. You can’t use the Say Bye Bye mask for a day. Mask muscle problems may bother you day after day.

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Anti-epidemic products | Facial spray 

HK Blogger Hau Tung Anti-epidemic Products-Feeling after Face Spray

抗疫產品, 面部噴霧 -pic06

So hot, so hot, so hot, so baked, so baked, so baked, why are we still wearing masks🙁?
Wearing a mask in summer is really hotter and more bake!
So I must still be using the first antibacterial skin care spray brand on the market  @woopvibes , help my skin antibacterial and antibacterial, and set makeup at the same time~ Otherwise, there will be people wearing masks at the beginning  #Mask muscle  situation

Spray before going to the beach 🏖️
Spray on the sun again when you are on the beach to keep your skin moisturized

It’s easy to use after buying it and then buying it again!
#男仔女仔 adults can even use pets <br> Finally, I finally went to the boss of WOOP to chat😆
In order to give you a discount (actually I want to give myself a discount haha)

Thanks to Hau Tung 巧童 for sharing ♥️

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抗疫產品, 面部噴霧 -pic07

Click to See Carmen Lam

HK Blogger Carmen Lam
Anti-epidemic product-feel after facial spray

I believe that after a few years, everyone will find that they have mask muscle problems!
Mask muscle has the following characteristics
-Water shortage
- sensitive
-Although you wear a mask for a long time when you have acne, sometimes you want to put on makeup when you go out on the street.
Don’t you want your skin to get worse?
I recently used two WOOP spray products,
After the trial, I really feel good, so I have to share it with everyone!

Thanks to Carmen Lam for sharing ♥️

抗疫產品, 面部噴霧 -pic08

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HK Blogger Sugar Tang
Anti-epidemic product-feel after facial spray

When I don’t have makeup, I use Cool Vibes antibacterial calming facial spray. This spray is specially formulated for mask muscles and irritated skin. It is specially infused with natural essential oils such as geranium, eucalyptus and tea tree. The effective antibacterial ingredients lysozyme and PHMB are breakthroughs. Sexual research and development is suitable for facial formulas. Tests have proved that it can quickly and effectively inhibit 99.9% of bacteria, forming a protective barrier on the skin surface, and long-lasting antibacterial.
The spray is colorless and odorless, spray at noon to eliminate skin cramps, keep skin fresh and fresh, prevent acne and acne formation, reduce inflammation and pores; in addition to antibacterial, it can also eliminate 99.9% of acne bacilli!
If I have makeup, I use Makeup Vibes Antibacterial Makeup Fixing Facial Spray.

Thanks Sugar for sharing ♥️

抗疫產品, 面部噴霧 -pic09

Click to See Popcornellie

HK Blogger Popcornellie 
Anti-epidemic product-feel after facial spray

Not everyone had a meal with a friend because the lower half of the face was rotted because of wearing a mask. I didn’t remove the mask and felt awkward. I saw it red and swollen at first. I think I might be sensitive to only one mask. It’s really super miserable! ! You know, I don’t know how long a mask should be worn, and if you can get to know Woop, a Hong Kong brand made in Hong Kong, you won’t be miserable!  @Woopvibes  It is the first skin care spray brand that inhibits 99.9% of bacteria on the market, combining the concepts of "skin care" and "bacteriostatic", and has developed Vibes Collections that integrates "antibacterial", "skin care" and "beauty".

Thanks Popcornellie for sharing ♥️

抗疫產品, 面部噴霧 -pic11

Click to See Jannis Tang

HK Blogger Jannis Tang 
Anti-epidemic product-feel after facial spray

To wear a mask but also to make-up, it is inevitable that you will lose your make-up, and if you burn your face, you are also prone to bacteria. I used @woopvibes earlier.  Over a period of time, the effect is good.

Makeup vibes antibacterial makeup setting facial spray can not only set makeup, but also has antibacterial properties.

Cool vibes anti-bacterial calming facial spray, anti-virus, prevent acne and acne formation, strengthen the defense of the respiratory system

Thanks to Jannis Tang for sharing ♥️

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Anti-epidemic products | Facial spray | Woop

Cannot use the mask Say Bye Bye for a day
​ Mask muscle problems may bother you every day
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