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Antibacterial spray | Anti-epidemic spray | Woop

Antibacterial spray | Anti-epidemic spray

Antibacterial spray | Anti-epidemic spray-  Woop focus on your guard outside theexposed face, wearing masks during the epidemic has become routine,at the same time we also want prevention skin care, beautiful skin and beautiful makeup. Weuphold the mindset that we are also users, and meticulously create the Vibes antibacterial facial spray series. In addition to the formula with skin care and makeup setting functions, the storage and packaging details are also exquisite. Allows you to feel at ease antibacterial and antibacterial anytime and anywhere during epidemic prevention and antibacterial

Uses of facial antibacterial spray

Woop's two antibacterial facial spray products have skin care properties. They are different from the antibacterial or acne care products on the market. The anti-epidemic spray ingredients do not contain alcohol to harm the skin. They can quickly eliminate acne bacteria through the newly cited acne bacillus test by STC. It is also proven to effectively inhibit 99.9% of the bacteria that are exposed to air on the face. Repeated use can help strengthen the anti-bacterial effect, instantly soothing and calming the skin, reducing allergies, reducing redness and reducing pores, and reducing the formation of mask muscles and acne in hot summer And acne.

The antibacterial spray formula can be used on the entire face, ears, neck, scalp and hair, and is harmless to acne damage, eyes, nostrils and oral cavity.

(Acne people: It is recommended to use it regularly every day)

Passed the test and certification, does not contain harmful chemical substances or alcohol content

The product does not contain harmful chemicals, alcohol and animal ingredients or animal testing. It can quickly form a protective barrier. After rigorous testing by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center, it is confirmed that it can inhibit 99.9% of bacteria and eliminate acne bacilli within 2 minutes. The production and testing meet the US Food and Drug Management Standards, which is safe, reliable and non-irritating.

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防疫噴霧, 抗菌噴霧 -02

Bacteriostatic and long-lasting makeup fixation, make-up replenishment shows the excellent characteristics of fitting

Woop has antibacterial and a variety of skin care functions. It is formulated for mask muscles and easily irritated skin. The new makeup setting ingredient AMP is added. Antibacterial can also set makeup for a long time. Even if you wear a mask, it is not easy to take off makeup. Spray before applying makeup or touch-up makeup. Makes makeup more radiant and sticky, not powdery.

We uphold our mindset that we are "users and also need to protect family members and pets", and we pay attention to product quality and packaging. The carefully selected atomized spray bottle is convenient to carry around, and the high-thickness frosted glass body can block UV sunlight. Avoid damaging product quality. The rotating spray bottle neck can be circulated to replenish, and the fine atomization nozzle can achieve zero dead angle antibacterial!

Antibacterial spray-3 main ingredients of antibacterial

PHMB: A broad-spectrum antibacterial agent recognized as the safest and most effective in the 21st century. It is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products. It can form a cationic film on the surface for a long time. It has excellent antibacterial and disinfection properties. No irritation to vaginal mucosa.


Lysozyme: It is a natural anti-infective substance with bactericidal effect. Equipped with anti-bacterial, anti-virus and promote repair effects. It can destroy the cell wall of bacteria and is also a part of the body's immune system. It is an immune factor in the body fluids and tissues of humans and animals, such as saliva, tears, and nasal mucus.


Bisabolol: Extracted from wild camomile and used in traditional medicine, it can treat skin sensitivity, reduce redness and irritation.


Antibacterial spray | Anti-epidemic spray | Woop

Passed the rigorous test of Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center to be 99.9% effective
Free of harmful chemicals and alcohol
No animal ingredients or animal testing
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