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The Artilicious Cakery


The Artilicious Cakery的經典法式蝴蝶酥是一種非常受歡迎的法式小甜點。蝴蝶酥的形狀像蝴蝶,因此得名。

The Artilicious Cakery的經典法式蝴蝶酥還不含防腐劑、色素和香精,是您健康的零食選擇。無論您是在家裡、辦公室還是外出,都可以隨時享用我們的經典曲奇。它是下午茶、聚會、派對的最佳伴侶。


The Artilicious Cakery 的故事
香港翻糖蛋糕建築師 - Jimmy Lau 以他獨特的漂浮蛋糕聞名

The Artilicious Cakery在2016年創立,

The Artilicious Cakery 推出的如曲奇和鳳梨酥,每件人手製造,同樣地不僅外觀精緻,味道也是一絕,令人在品味上也得到了無限滿足!




The Artilicious Cakery
Classic French Palmier

French Le Cordon Bleu's traditional secret recipe

The Artilicious Cakery Classic French Palmier is a very popular French dessert. Butterfly puff pastry is shaped like a butterfly, hence its name.
Classic French Palmier made with French Le Cordon Bleu's traditional secret recipe, combined with top-quality French flour and French butter, each slice has a crispy texture with distinct layers, low sugar, and a rich butter flavor.
The texture of French Palmier is crispy and delicious, sweet but not greasy. It's a great snack to enjoy during tea or coffee time. 

Product features:
・Crispy and delicious
・Sweet but not greasy
・Ideal for enjoying at afternoon tea or coffee time

The Artilicious Cakery's story
Hong Kong Fondant Cake Designer – Jimmy Lau
Famous for its unique floating cakes

The Artilicious Cakery
was established in 2016 and focuses on making 3D cakes. Jimmy has superb skills and skillful hands, and can make all kinds of cakes of strange shapes. What people talk about most is that they appear to be suspended in the air.
In the air, these cakes don't have any visible support structure, but they can hold a large cake firmly on top. Not only is the appearance exquisite and beautiful, but it is also lifelike and unforgettable.
Many Hong Kong stars such as Dodo Cheng, Louis Koo, Charlene Choi, etc. have received his unique floating cakes, which shows that his artistic cakes are famous.
However, in addition to the appearance, the taste of the cake is also an aspect that Jimmy pays great attention to. The taste also reaches hotel-level standards. The cake has moderate sweetness, unique taste and endless aftertaste.

The Artilicious Cakery's biscuits, pineapple cakes and other products are all handmade. Not only does it look great, but it also tastes great, giving you endless taste satisfaction!

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Made in Hong Kong

Classic French Palmier 經典法式蝴蝶酥 (080624)

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