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Terms and conditions


Woop (hereinafter referred to as "Woop", "our website", "our website", "this website") and related services are based on the following terms of use and terms of service, as well as any other rules published on our website (collectively referred to as "TOS" ) To you. Please read TOS carefully before placing any order on the website. This website is operated by SSL Development Limited. We especially want to remind you to pay attention to the TOS policy on purchase terms and our privacy policy. If you are under 16, you must let your parents or guardians understand Woop's privacy policy before registering to use this website or any service on this website. However, we reserve the right to only accept orders from customers 18 years of age or older. We may revise TOS from time to time. Please read this TOS And check back often. If you do not agree to any modification of TOS, you must stop using this website immediately. Any changes made on this website after you place an order will not affect the order, unless we make changes in accordance with legal requirements.  



To use certain services or features provided to you by this website, you will need to register. When registering, you must provide information about yourself, which must be completely true, accurate, up-to-date and complete. If any of your registration information changes, please send it to the following email address immediately. We may also change the registration requirements from time to time. You should choose a unique account password and protect the password security. If there is any violation of your account security or unauthorized use of your account, you must immediately notify Dr Girl. For how we use your information, please refer to our privacy policy.  


Purchase eligibility 

To make purchases on this website, you must provide personal details. In particular, you must provide your real name, phone number, e-mail address and other information requested in accordance with the instructions. In addition, you must also provide detailed payment information, declare and guarantee that it is correct and valid, and confirm that you are the person referred to in the billing information provided. This website can only be used by the following individuals and non-individuals: meet Woop qualifications, have a valid credit/deposit card issued by a bank accepted by Woop, Woop accepts its application, and has authorized Woop to deduct the same amount from its credit/debit card. The amount of the total price of the purchased item. Woop reserves the right to limit the number of same items shipped to any customer or postal address. Placing an order on this website means that you expressly authorize us to perform a credit check, when Woop deems it necessary, only to verify your identity, verify your credit/debit card, obtain initial credit/debit card authorization, and authorize individual purchase transactions , To send or obtain your information (including any updated information) from a third party, including but not limited to your credit/debit card number or credit report (including your spouse’s credit report, if you live on a common property Jurisdiction). In addition, you agree that we use the personal information you provide to conduct appropriate fraud prevention checks. The personal information you provide may be disclosed to credit reference agencies or fraud prevention agencies, and they may keep records of this information. For further information on how we use your data, please refer to our privacy policy.  



Whether all orders take effect depends on the acceptance and availability of the order. The goods you have placed in the shopping basket will not be reserved and can still be purchased by other customers. Products sold by Woop are in stock. You can make a pre-order transaction, and sometimes you may need to make a reservation for a specific product. This will ensure that once the branded goods are shipped to Woop, you will receive the goods first.

Order Confirmation 

After you select the product and place an order, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. This email indicates that we have accepted your order and the contract between you and Woop has been established. Under certain circumstances, we have the right not to accept your order, such as: we cannot obtain payment authorization, certain goods are subject to transportation restrictions, the ordered goods are out of stock or do not meet our quality inspection standards and cancel, or you do not meet our Woop Eligibility conditions specified in We can also refuse to process the transaction for any reason, and therefore refuse to accept the transaction, or at any time at our own discretion refuse to provide services to anyone. We do not revoke any goods from this website (regardless of whether the goods are sold), delete, filter or edit any information or content on this website, refuse to process transactions, or cancel processing or suspend any transactions after starting processing, and do not cause you or Any third party bears any responsibility.  


You can pay through Paypal, or through any other methods clearly announced on this website from time to time. After you select this payment method on the checkout page, the page will be redirected to the PayPal website, click "Login" to view the bill details, and click "Pay Now" after confirming that it is correct. After the transaction is completed, the page will return to the Woop website. After Woop sends the goods you ordered, the payment will be deducted from your account and settled. You must confirm that the credit/debit card you are using belongs to you, or has been expressly authorized by the credit/debit card holder to use the card. All credit/debit card holders are required to undergo verification checks and obtain authorization from the issuing bank. If your payment card issuer refuses to authorize payment to Woop, we will not be liable for any delays or non-delivery caused by this. We take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our website. We take reasonable measures to maintain the security of your order and payment details within our capabilities. However, if we are not at fault, if a third party gives you any Unauthorized access to the data, we are not responsible for any loss you may suffer.  


Shipment delivery 

We require a sign for all goods delivered, so far, the responsibility for the goods you have purchased will be transferred to you. If due to the reason of delivering the goods (for example, as a gift), you designate a consignee other than yourself, then you acknowledge that their signature evidence (or the delivery address) is evidence of Woop's delivery of the goods and performance of the contract, and the responsibility is in the same way Transfer. Please note that our goal is to ship the order within 3 working days of placing the order. The estimated delivery time is for reference only and starts from the date of shipment. The delivery time will depend on the region, the general delivery time is 2-5 working days. Since we are appointing a third party to be responsible for the shipment, Woop is not responsible for any delays. For all shipments sent outside Hong Kong, the shipping cost and delivery time will vary depending on the region.  


Returns and exchanges 

If there is any error or problem with the goods when we send the goods, the shipping cost of the replacement goods is free, but if the delivery destination of the replacement goods is outside of Hong Kong, the customs and other taxes incurred will be paid by the customer. The returned goods should be unused, and all packaging and labels should still be intact. We reserve the right not to accept damaged or soiled returned goods, and return them to the customer and/or refuse a refund. If you want to make any returns and exchanges, please email us to notify us. All goods and receipts must be returned to our company within 14 days after the date stated on the receipt, and specify the contact number and the reason for the return. Woop will process your return and exchange within 3 working days.  


intellectual property 

Your use of this website and its content will not give you any copyright, design, trademark rights, and all other intellectual property and property rights related to the content (as described in the "Content" section below), including Woop All HTML and other code contained in the software and this website. All such content, including third-party trademarks, designs and related intellectual property rights mentioned or displayed on this website, are protected by national intellectual property rights and other laws and international treaties. You can use the content only if Woop and/or third-party licensors have authorized it. Any copying or dissemination of the content listed above is strictly prohibited and may result in civil and criminal penalties. In addition to the aforementioned restrictions, copying the materials listed above to any other server, any other place and using them, or providing these materials for publication, copying or dissemination is expressly prohibited. However, you can make a copy to view the content for your own personal use.  


Website content 

In addition to the above intellectual property rights, "content" is defined as any pattern, photo, including all image rights, sound, music, video, audio or text in this website. Woop tries its best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and complete. But Woop does not promise that the content of this website is accurate or correct. Woop does not promise that the function or content of this website is correct, or that this website, that is, the content of Woop and the server that hosts the content, does not contain viruses or other harmful factors.  


Non-commercial use 

This website can only be used for your personal non-commercial use. For any content, products or services contained in this website, you may not modify, copy, disseminate, transmit, exhibit, perform, reproduce, publish, license, conduct commercial development, use them to produce derivative works, transfer or sell them. You may not use this website or any of its content to advance any commercial purpose, including advertising on your own website or conducting advertising revenue-generating activities.  


Your event 

You agree that you will be solely responsible for all communications and behaviors that you use and conduct on and in accordance with this website. If we determine that you are engaged in or engaged in prohibited activities, disrespect other users, or otherwise violated TOS, we can deny you temporary or permanent access to this website.  


Third party website 

We may include hyperlinks on this website to other websites or resources not operated by the Woop party. Woop has not reviewed all websites linked to our website, and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any off-site pages​​Is not responsible for the availability of such external websites or resources, and for the privacy practices or content of such websites (including but not limited to, any advertisements, products or other information or other information provided in such websites or resources). Services), and any damage, loss or illegal act caused or claimed to be caused or related to the use or reliance of such content, goods or services provided on such external websites or resources​​, Does not guarantee or assume any direct or indirect responsibility.  


Compensation and waiver 

For all responsibilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses (including legal fees) arising from your violation of these terms of service, you agree to report to us once requested by us, that is, Woop includes its senior management, directors, agents, Affiliated companies, licensors and suppliers) make adequate compensation and protect us from harm. This includes any other person's use of your account to use the website because of your actions or omissions. If you violate the terms of service, but we have not taken any action against you, this does not mean that we waive our rights and remedies under any other circumstances where you violate the terms of service.  


Your rights 

According to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, you have certain rights.  


Governing law and jurisdiction 

The terms of service and all our policies and procedures are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and interpreted in accordance with them. In the event of any disputes or claims related to these Terms of Service, the relevant courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will have exclusive jurisdiction. 

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