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Local Brand Collaboration

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Woop and Lamma Brand

We are also living a busy and busy life, unknowingly forgetting the people, animals and even a piece of paper we love. There are many important pictures in our minds. We miss and want to use something to express and create as we wish. Turn this "possibility" into a "physical memory"!

Woop teamed up with Lamma Brand "You can print", hoping to create more "possibility" of surprises, and "print" what you love, what you think, and what you have left over one by one!

Woop adheres to the "user" mindset, carefully selects local brands for cooperation, and is equipped with rigorous requirements on the details of product materials, and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services, so as to make consumers have a strong sense of satisfaction when buying. Desire to buy back .


Using 100% Cotton high-quality heavy-weight Tee, the material is smooth and breathable, so you won't need to wash it a few times. Specially printed by digital technology, make the printing color more colorful and not easy to decolor.


The point is that you can choose "the pattern you like" for couples, families, and group activities to commemorate! The quantity of one piece or two pieces is no longer a problem. There is no need to make a large amount of order or need to start a version fee, and there is no need to worry about the color and image quality being deceived. Skill tailoring! We are dedicated to serve you!


Woop and Glaz Crystal

We are also seeking scientific natural energy on this earth, hoping to positively help minor changes in our daily life, work, making friends or studies. The changes during this period of time have allowed us to learn to cherish more and the importance of maintaining health. We are eager to protect our family and pets.
Wearing all-natural crystals will help convert your own energy frequency into a stronger positive magnetic field and release negative energy.

Glaz Crystal

Scientists have proved that natural crystal has piezoelectricity (Piezoelectricity), which can oscillate 8 million times per second on average, and contains powerful and abundant energy. The crystal, which has been resonating and interacting with nature for a long time, has been refined by the earth for more than tens of thousands of years. The positive magnetic field of the crystal hides a huge and infinite energy wave.

Each piece of Glaz Crystal is carefully selected pure and high-quality crystals. The energy is stronger than ordinary crystals. It is equipped with a hand-made hand strap that can be adjusted in size and is easy to match. It is no longer the old fashioned style. All crystals will also be purified by the tuning fork to ensure the release of completely pure energy waves.

You can choose to strengthen according to your needs: Peter Stone-Health / Labradorite-Spirituality / Purple Titanium Blonde-Fortune Luck / Rhodium-Popularity

#Crystal energy function is all natural and varies from person to person, and the color and texture are different

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